Try these ransomware tools & fortify your defense

We refuse to cede ground to cyber criminals. That’s why data security and backup and recovery industry experts are coming together—and giving you a leg-up with these free anti-ransomware tools.

KnowBe4 RanSim

Simulate ten ransomware infections, risk-free. You’ll identify workstation vulnerabilities—and be empowered to take proactive action.

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Webroot® System Analyzer

Scan your PCs and identify threats to your critical data—from malware infections to outdated software, and more.

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Arcserve UDP free trial

Try Arcserve UDP for 30 days and easily manage your virtual and physical data—on-site, offsite, and in the cloud.

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Arcserve Cloud Direct free trial

Run Arcserve Cloud Direct for 14 days and rapidly recover your data to and from anywhere—even for remote offices and decentralized businesses.

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Arcserve High Availability free trial

Tap into Arcserve High Availability for 30 days and maintain complete availability—even in the event of a ransomware infection.

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