KnowBe4 RanSim: Identify your ransomware vulnerability

Cyber criminals are working tirelessly to build a better mousetrap. And, your data—it’s the mouse.

As end users receive more ransomware training, attackers leverage social engineering to create more sophisticated infection vectors. As endpoint security vendors shut the door to one malware intrusion point, they seek to find another.

All, in the hopes of a big Bitcoin payout.

What you need is a strong defense. And, the first step to ensuring your business-critical data is well-protected is understanding your ransomware vulnerability.

Get RanSim.

KnowBe4’s Ransomware Simulator, or “RanSim,” helps you identify the chinks in your workstation armor, so you can protect against ransomware attackers.

Using RanSim is simple, safe—and free:

  • Run 100% risk-free simulations of 10 real ransomware infections
  • Simulate infections—without using your own files
  • Get results in minutes

Created for Windows-based workstations running Windows 7+, RanSim:

  • Does not alter any existing files on disk
  • Enumerates all files on the local disk, or disks
  • Encrypts simulated data files downloaded from the internet

Determine your ransomware vulnerability.

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